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XLS nutrition review

Hi everyone, 

How are you? 

Its been Seven weeks, I have been on my XLS nutrition weight loss journey now.  This is week 6-7 update, 
what a busy couple of weeks for me. I am still on my two shakes a day with snacks and a balanced meal. 

I have had my In-laws staying and they have two dogs and I have two dogs. It has been mayhem! Everything has been working fine. It has been a bit weird, with the laws being up as we have sat down together breakfast and I have my shake. We went out for lunch a couple times so I swapped my shake for dinner on these days. 

This two weeks in fitness 
Fitness. calories burned in brackets. Not as much as normal as We have been enjoying time with our visitors. 

Week 61 x roadie ride 16.7 (778 calories)
1 x foam roller and arms session  (248 calories)
1 x 8.1-mile mountain biking  (980 calories)
1 x 17.6  mountain biking (2366 calories)

Week 7
1 x 6.5 miles mountain biking (1042 calories) 
1 x turbo trainer 1-hour session (426
1 x turbo trainer 1 hour session (347
1 x hiking 5 miles (669 calories)

So what you are here for weight loss week 6

Inches lost  
Bust -0
Waist- 0.2
Hips -0.5
Bum -1
Top thigh -0.5
Calf -0.1
Arm -no change 

On Monday I am travelling to Manchester for my Photoshoot for this journey I am super excited and a bit nervous as I have never been to Manchester before. I am so excited to see this amazing city. Not only will I be doing a blog about the photo shoot but be prepared for a huge shopping hall. It would be rude to not show off my new figure so I have to buy new clothes. Right?