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XLS nutrition week 5 and youtube update

Hi everyone, 

How are you? 

Its been five weeks I have been on my XLS nutrition weight loss journey now.  Sorry, this is late had a wee mountain biking accident. Nothing a bag of frozen peas cant sort out.  

Fitness. calories burned in brackets. It has been super hot up here and we are not used to it at all. 

1 x HIIT workout focusing on arms (98 calories)

1 x 13.1 miles mountain biking far too hot (2001 calories)
1 x 17.1 miles roadie ride (859 calories)
1 x 20.6miles  mountain biking (2011 calories)
1 x 15.3miles mountain biking (1704 calories) 

I actually fell and injured my palm on the downhill track, so had to have a few days off after this. 
So what you are here for weight loss week 5

Inches lost  
Bust -0.5
Waist- 0.5
Hips -no change
Bum -1
Top thigh -0.5
Calf -0.5
Arm -no change 

slowly I am getting there.