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Monthly favorites subscription boxes to snacks

Hi everyone, 

How are you? 

Its that time again. Monthly Favorites! 

awesome box

dog tea

I love a subscription box! Is amazing. What I love is you can choose how many interests you between 4 to 6. 4 interests are £20 and 6 is £28. Your interest can be anything from Dogs to nail care or even cakes or whiskey. This is a super fun box. As you can see I went with chocolate, sweet treats, coffee candles and dog treats. 

Oh, my word the tea light candles are amazing it is the first thing that hit me when the box was delivered. The dog tea was interesting and I honestly didn't think my dogs would like but my dalmatian Mylo loves it. This is such a unique box I highly recommend it. 

tea in the sun

Next up, you know I love me some tea. TeaRevv prices start at £1. 
I really like these teas from watermelon to cookie dough the really have a loose tea to suit
everyone. How super cute is this little tea brewer? All the teas are super fragrant and delicious. If you like fruit tea you need to try the watermelon. It is the one out of all of them I would rush to buy more of it's so refreshing and zingy. I have also had this cold as an extra treat in this heat. On my word, they really have revolutionized the tea market with there blends. 

suncream outside in the sun

Suns out mean one thing suncream time. My personal choice is This is the pinnacle of sun creams. This is water resistant. It has been formulated by dermatologists. which is awesome no worrying about the effect of it on your skincare regime. You can use it on face and body. It exceeds all EU testing. It absorbs into the skin with easy and it smells nice. You would think it would cost a fortune but its only £7.50

emilys crisps in the sun shine in garden
If you have been following me you will know I am on a diet and I have found an amazing snack. emily crisps. I love the sweet potato stick and the crunchy red apple. they are the perfect alternative to crisps. The Red Apple is sweet and salty which is awesome and they are vegan and gluten-free. 

boostball lying on grass

another snack I am loving which is packed with protein is
I am obsessed with the lemon ones. They are made with 7 natural ingredients. Are perfect to put in your pocket whilst biking for a bit of a boost after a long climb.  They are packed full of vitamin and minerals to maintain energy levels whilst out and about.