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Easy to make pasta salad for BBQ season.

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The sun is out. You know that can only mean one thing. Its time to get the BBQ out of its winter hibernation and get it into action. I love a BBQ and one of my dishes that goes down a storm every time is my pasta salad. Here is how I make it.  I am not saying this is the healthiest dish I make but it the most requested next to my lasagna. Plus it only takes you 15 minutes max to make. 

How to make the perfect pasta salad for your bbq

300g Pasta your choice
Half cucumber
Half punnet cherry tomatoes
1 tin sweet corn
A few sundried tomatoes 
Mayonnaise (I use extra light)
Salad cream 

Boil pasta in water for 10 minutes with a pinch of salt. 
Check pasta is tender, Drain pasta with a colander over the sink. 
Cool pasta with cold water. I use running cold water over the sink to cool Mixing continually. 
Chop cucumber, cherry tomatoes and sundried tomatoes into smaller sections. 
Check pasta is cold. 
Add pasta to a big mixing bowl.
Mix in all salad ingredients. 
Mix in four tablespoons of mayonnaise and one tablespoon of salad cream. 
Add paprika to taste. 

I get lots of compliments about this simple and easy to make BBQ friendly dish. 

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