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The best smart fitness watch for under £100

As you know I am a fitness geek. I get lots of questions from people starting out on their fitness journey. Asking me what they need to start out on their road to being fit. Besides the normal items such as gym kit and trainer. Depending on what you are doing to get fit of course. But the best investment you can make to up your fitness game is a good sports watch. Yes, these can be costly but I have the perfect fitness watch for you as a beginner. 

Xiaomi amazfit huami stratos £98.58 This is hands down the best sports watch under £100. 
fitness watch in black with read outlining of datastunning fitness watch with black hardware
Right the nitty-gritty. It looks awesome. There is no doubting that. It looks like a very expensive watch. The display screen is stunning and easy to use. This is crammed with features.  It comes with access to Amazfit watch 2.0 app. This is where you can save and sync all your data from each of your fitness activity and it is also where you can set your new health goals. You can see your steps, your heart rate and sleep analysis. This is also where you can see your activities you are logging from your runs to your biking it's all stored in the app. Plus the app is super easy to use. Enough about the app you will see for yourself

Here are my favourite features of the Xiaomi Amazfit Huami Stratos watch and why they are important. 

Heart rate monitor. This is a must if you are doing any kind of training. Working in your optimum heart rate zone is the key to effective training. You can work out smarter not harder with this. 

Sleep tracker. This is also one of the nest features to have in a smartwatch.  If you are not getting enough sleep you are not giving your body time to repair and renew its self. Sleep is a fundamental part of your training regime. Don't underestimate rest. 

Ultra long battery life. There is nothing worse than doing a full day mountain biking or hiking and your watch dies halfway through. This is not a problem with the Xiaomi Amazfit Huami Stratos. It has a 5 day standby time, 

Storage. This has 512MB RAM 4GB ROM. I mean this is huge. You can store music, videos pictures and much more. I can't believe you can get this for under £100. 

GPS. This is what you need to track your activities with accuracy. Runner and bikers will always look for GPS in a watch.  

Waterproof. You need your watch to be waterproof. No point in having a sports watch which can't handle a bit of rain. I mean we are British. It rains here. Imagine being out on a run it starts raining. I mean the last thing you want to think about is your watch. 

Other great setting and functions
An alarm. Come on, We all need an alarm. As much as we would like to live a life where you can come and go as you please this is a must. 

It has Bluetooth. You can get notifications right on your wrist. from Facebook to Gmail, It's all on your wrist. Let's not forget Bluetooth calling. Unfortunately, this means you will never miss a call again. I am joking. This is a great feature. I know it would help me to keep on top of my phone calls. 

I honestly can not believe you can get a smartwatch with this much capability for under £100. If you are starting out on your fitness journey I honestly think this is the best money you will ever spend. It is a motivator on your wrist.