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Livingroom blinds changed my life.

This is going to seem like a strange statement. I now that. But these blind have changed my life. I have always had curtains in my living room. We moved into our house really fast as it came with my husband's job and it was a bit. Oh my gosh, we need to furnish a whole house. As most people do we made a trip to Ikea and bought most things from there. Our living room had really thin cream curtains. I'm sure its the same as everyone. One size fits all. 

When I was approached by Make my blinds and offered new blinds. Make my blind is an online store which offers a huge range of made to order blinds from vertical blinds to skylight blinds they offer everything you could want and more. I was a bit apprehensive, to be honest. Being a curtain girl all my life. Let's start with a couple of things you need to know. 

1. We live in the Scottish highland in the summer we see no dark nights. Nope, none. Which you are thinking is wonderful. Well yes and no. It means My living room with two extremely large opposing windows always has the sun shining through them. Yes, it is nice having the light. But come on you can watch Game of Thrones with the light on the TV screen, can you? No, you cant. You cant see the dark screens. I know you are thinking Come on Laura is that really a thing. Yes, it is. I have even had a long conversation with our neighbour about that same thing. It is just where our houses face. This is also a problem for me working in the living room. It's not all about the TV honestly. 

2. My lovely dalmatian Mylo. He loves to look out the window and bark at everything. He just moves the curtains out of the way. So when the bus comes by or a car or well any dog walker. Mylo protects us from the danger. 

3. Our windows are a weird size and shape. I had never realised this until my neighbour said she had tried to get blinds for her house and couldn't find a company who wouldnt charge her the earth for standard blinds. As we both decided blackout roller blinds would be the only option. To cure the sun in window problem. 

So those are the main things you need to know. I work with a lot of companies as you can imagine. I have to say Make my blinds was a complete pleasure. I couldn't decide which colour to go with. As our room is pretty neutral. They have an awesome request a free sample of your chosen blind so you can check the colour in real life. I ordered about 6 samples. They arrived within two days. Which if Like me you are rural is a miracle. Some companies just get things so right. For reference, it can take Amazon a week to get here. The samples also arrived with a measuring guide. Which explained how to measure your window with ease. I decided to have the outside of the window option. Instead of having it inside the window frame. 

Amor washed pebble blind on window closed
I ordered Two roller blackout blinds in Amor washed Pebble. These are 217cm by a drop of 130cm £104.99 I told you our windows are a strange size. You can also choose which side you want your cord on. I picked right. The cord is a lovely metal bobble one. It also comes with a child safety hook to keep this away from little people. 

 I told you about my neighbour she had a quote of over £600 each for the blind to be custom made.  These were so easy to fit. I was actually looking for the catch. My husband and I fitted both blinds in under 15 minutes. This included removing the curtain poles and curtains. They are so easy to instal and come with instructions which are found inside the blind. They look amazing. 
I never realised how hard it is to take photos of blinds until this post. 
amor washed pebble blind opened.

Now we get to the hows those have changed our lives. I now can work in my living room with no glare at all. Heaven. Game of Thrones can be viewed at any time at all. Just close the blackout blind and hey presto you are in darkness. Now the best bit. Naughty Mylo dog cannot use blinds. His little paws can't use the drawstring. So He can not bark at the outside world. I have never lived in this kind of quiet before. Is this how the other half lives. Don't get me wrong he still hears the noise but it doesn't go one forever. So for that Make my blinds I Salute you. Only us, dog parents will understand the constant battle of stop barking, please. 

If you are looking for custom made blind I really can not recommend them enough. The quality is amazing.  The customer service spot on and easy to instal. What more can I say? Go and check them out.


*This item has been gifted all opinions are my own.