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How to be hair free for summer.

The sun is out that can only mean one thing. Its time to take off some layers. Oh no. Legs out. I want to share with you how to keep hair free this summer. 

 First up you will need to pick your weapon of choice to cut down or pull out those hairs. 
I love the new Magnitone rechargeable mini lady shave £30 and the pluckit superglide mini epilator £35

The Mini lady shave can be used wet or dry. This leaves my legs so soft. It has been designed with our curves in mind and it glides with ease. No pulling or irritation at all. It is so handy. I think it is also the best travel hair remover for on the go. Just pop this in your travel bag and boom you are ready. The charge lasts a long time too making this a special little shaver. 

The Pluckit super glide mini epilator. This epilator was made with travelling in mind. This little device packs a punch in the hair removing department. You will Know I have a love affair with an epilator and I am going travelling and dont want to bring my huge one with me. This one ticks all the boxes and more. It is a super package and It removes hair quickly. It has 32 tweezer discs spinning at least 30 times a second.  This makes it grip those pesky hairs and remove them with ease. Leaving you with summer-ready gorgeous legs. All that for £35 Bargain beauty right there. 

Next up.
flat lay of skin doctor product for hair remover and in grown hair

We have removed the hair now its time to talk maintenance. I really like First let me introduce. hair no more inhibitor spray £10.99 This is a magic little spray. you use after you have done your hair removal. Which helps to prevent hair regrowth. Yes, I did say that. It helps you prevent regrowth. You just spray it on dry skin and massage in. I will warn you it's a tingling sensation But I have to say when I use it I defiantly see less regrowth. 

Now the elephant in the room if you will. When you epilate you can get ingrown hairs. 
I find this, especially on my bikini area. I was at my wit's end with this. I had never hard them with shaving before. Enter Skin Doctors Ingrow Go , This stuff has changed my outlook on ingrown hairs. They are so easy to sort out with this stuff. For ingrown hair, you just get some cotton wool. Pop some of the product on it. Pop it on top of the ingrown hair and leave it. This exfoliates the area making it easy to remove the hair. If it is a sensitive area remember always patch test new products and read the instructions carefully. 

I haven't had the chance to use the vein away yet so I will put a full review up asap. 

Hope this has helped you stay hair free this summer. 

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