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Ruffwear review, What do my two dogs like?

Today is an exciting day. You may know if you have been following me for a while but I have two gorgeous dogs. Yes, they are my world. As a blogger, I am lucky and work with some amazing brands but this one is super special. My two gorgeous pups are working with Both dogs have had Ruffwear harness for a long time. So I know the brand is amazing and they are pretty much my family summed up in a brand. This is why this collaboration is amazing for both of us. 

We are an outdoor family and love nothing more than packing up our van conversion and hitting the road with our two dogs. We actually got the van. So the dogs can come on more adventures with us. We live in the Scottish highland on the west coast. 

black springador with pink harness on in river with brown stones under water
Let me Introduce the testers. 
This is Millie. She is 7 years young and a Springador. She loves nothing more than swimming, digging and walks. Millie is the boss and what she says goes. She is a bit of a princess and loves to wear a harness or jackets. She would wear them all day every day if we let her. Her favourite sport is bog diving. She will find the stinkiest boggiest hole and jump about in it. The muddier the better. 
dalmatain dog running at camera with field in background
Next up we have Mylo. He is a 5-year-old dalmatian. He thinks his sister is the best dog on this earth. He loves going biking with us and killing toys. He is the softest dog. He loves mummy cuddles and kisses. He does whatever his sister wants him to. This includes following her into bogs. He often forgets how to swim for the first few strokes and looks like he is drowning. Don't worry if you see this he remembers pretty quickly. He is at his happiest at the top of a trail or in the gondola at Nevis range. 

ruffwear frontrange dog harness pink and blue
Millies one is in size medium. She looks like a labrador but is springer spaniel sized. Mylo has the size large/ extra large. ( hope this helps with sizing. but check out the size guide on the Ruffwear website)

These are the best harness we have had. They are easy to put on. Even with the wiggling little Springador. You just slip it over there head and secure with the clips. It has lots of adjustable bits to make it the perfect fit for your pooch. 

This is the only harness we have had that causes no rubbing on Mylo. He has delicate underarms? Or under Legs. You know what I mean. This is awesome. Can we take a minute for the colours? They are so vivid and bright. This makes you able to see your pup where ever they wander off to. 

I like that there are two leash points on this harness. I mainly use the one on the top of the dog's neck. The one on the chest is perfect to sue on Millie. She is a puller. You probably won't believe me but she is stronger than Mylo when she Pulls. If you put the lead on the check clip this stops her pulling as it lifts her leg if she does. It is amazing. 

The harness also features a little ID pocket where you can pop in there tags. This is located under the Ruffwear logo. 

two ruffwear leads one pink and one blue on white backgroundruffwear lead clip
Come on you know you need the matching lead. front range leash. This is the best light weight leash we have had. I like that you can easily fold it up and pop it in your pocket. It has a great fast access clip so it can hook on to a harness or collar with ease. The handle is padded so is nice to hold. I like that you have an extra safety feature of a grab bit near the bottom of the lead for those moments you need extra control of your furry friend.
 dalmatian dog looking out van conversion with blue ruffwear harness ondalmatian smiling with springador and downhill bike with harness on

 Next, we have two must-haves for any adventure dogs in your life. 

highland dog camping bed in stuff sackHighland bed form ruffwear green bed
This is the HIGHLANDS™ BED backpacking bed. If like us you take your pups on adventures. You will need a lightweight packable dog bed. This one as you can see compacts to a tiny stuff bag. It offers comfort and warmth for your pups on the go or on a camping adventure. It is the perfect about of protection form a hard surface. Making for a comfortable nights sleep. Millie particularly likes this. I have also caught her using it as a blanket. Each dog to there owns and all that. 

two dogs eating dinner outside van conversion with dog food bagDalmatian and springador eating dog food outside van conversion

 Last but not least. You may have seen this on my dog birthday gift guide. KIBBLE KADDIE™ portable dog-food carrier. This holds an amazing amount of biscuits. We have had weeks worth for both dog in this bag and there was still room. It may look compact but it can hold a lot in it. It has a roll sack style of closer. It also has a handy side food chute, so you can easily pour out the biscuits without having to open the whole bag. Really handy when camping. It is a must for any adventure dog like my two. 

These items have been gifted by Ruffwear but all opinions are my own, Well with the help of Millie and Mylo of course. You can also check them out on their social media. 

Instagram - ruffwear_uk
Twitter - @RuffwearUK
Facebook /RuffwearUK
best dog wear dog in harness on dog camp bed pin

*These items have been gifted all opinions are my own.