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Top 7 Pieces of Gemstone Jewellery Every Woman Should Own

Just like a classic designer handbag, or an LBD that you always wear on special occasions, there are various items of jewellery that every woman should own. These essential pieces make the transition from daytime to evening events with ease and can be added to almost any outfit to give it that extra sparkle or detail.
Gemstone jewellery is unique because it can be worn across generations and can hold special importance for wearers. Whether it is a dainty antique gemstone pendant passed down from a loved relative, or a bright and bold gemstone ring that means something special, gemstones can hold a special significance because every stone is completely unique. Here are some gemstone jewellery pieces that every woman should own.
Delicate stud earrings
No wardrobe is complete without a few pairs of delicate stud earrings. Whether they are simple gold-plated studs, or have an extra sparkle with embedded diamonds in the design, stud earrings are very versatile and can tie any outfit together, looking beautiful at any time of the day. Diamonds are available in all price ranges and sizes, so there are always options, whatever your budget.
Stackable rings
Stackable rings offer many different looks and options. From pretty and simple rings with single gemstones, through to diamond rings, stackable rings can be worn individually for an elegant and charming look or stacked together to make a statement, or to make your outfit truly unique. You can also keep adding these to your collection!
A long-chain necklace
Longer necklaces can draw attention to the chest and flatter the figure. Adding elegant and graceful appeal, a longer necklace could be a simple chain or a more decorative gemstone to add a colour theme to your outfit. Chains can be dressed up or down, making them a versatile choice.
A statement ring
Cocktail rings are the ultimate party piece and really pack a punch. Whether they dazzle with diamonds, moonstones or other gemstones, an eye-catching gemstone cocktail ring will elevate any outfit. First seen in the 1920s, large and cocktail dramatic rings will always add timeless glamour.
A bold bracelet
A statement cuff, bangle or bracelet can add an interesting or unique touch to your look. Bold pieces are designed to stand out and a gemstone bracelet is a way of injecting colour, personality and fun into your outfit. Keep your arms bare or wear a cuff over a slim-fitting plain top.
Hoop earrings
These easy-to-wear classic hoop earrings will never go out of style and will always stand the test of time. Whether they are simple gold or silver hoops or beaded with delicate gemstones, hoop earrings always look polished, feminine and pretty.
A pendant necklace
A pendant necklace can be worn with almost anything and will make any outfit immediately look classy. Delicate and elegant, pendant necklaces can be worn on their own or layered up. Pendants and charms can also hold special significance to the wearer and can be simple or more ornate for a classic or contemporary twist.