The best pair of jeans on the market. - MissLJBeauty

The best pair of jeans on the market.

Have you ever wanted a pair of jeans that make you feel comfortable but most of all confident and looking good? Freddy has created a special patented pair of pants that can exalt the woman's figure with an enhancing effect. You may be wondering: How does the WR.UP® work? No tricks nor any magic involved, we swear! In fact, the answer is pretty simple. Freddy’s patented pants actually pull off a smoothing finish thanks to the high-quality material together with strategically positioned panels and sewing.
This blend grants a complete harmony for you and your hips.

WR.UP® Freddy pants are different and unique compared to any other pair of pants in your closet: Freddy’s clothing is stretchy, the comfiest, resistant and are perfect for any occasion and any time of the day.

The WR.UP® technology was studied to help each woman to value their own body and to feel more feminine and sexy at any time. So, if you’re asking yourself, “Can I work out in my Freddy’s?” Then the answer is YES YOU CAN!! Freddy has in fact created a sport version of the WR.UP®. Every single exercise can turn out into a work of art empowering you to fully appreciate yourself in your day-to-day sports life while never abandon your femininity. The WR.UP® sport has also patterns for every taste: from darker or lighter jeggings to larger and wider types, from skinny stretch or jersey cotton to clothes suitable for the gym.

The gentle second skin effect of WR.UP® Freddy will perfectly emphasize your waist, thighs and hips thanks to their fabric’s high level of quality that applies reinforcements in strategic positions. This strategically positioned reinforcement lets the Freddy WR.UP®  to have such a beautiful effect, second to none: the bi-elastic jersey not only determines your form, but it also raises your B-side and wraps you like a second skin, you won’t even notice that you are wearing them!  Lastly, perfection takes shape by WR.UP® by holding your pants up and in a place thanks to a special silicone band. Now, your body is an artwork!

The patented WR.UP® technology is the result of Italian research that led to the development of this technology. With this modern design, Freddy uses the highest quality of materials and silicone to glorify your curves in a totally natural way. The silicone band is placed around your waist and will contribute to sculpt and enhance it, while maintaining your pants upright. The waistband underneath the gluteus, together with the particular sewing and the shape of the pants, will define them and lift them up, exalting your sensual femininity.

The amazing WR.UP® Freddy pants are stretchy, comfy, durable and are available in 4 versions: low, regular, medium and high. You can pick out the perfect model for yourself, and put them on as if they were tights, unwrapping them along the legs in a natural way. Only suggestion: keep in mind to always unbutton them.

This revolutionary technology innovated by Freddy, has begun conquering the celebrities across the world: from Victoria’s Secret Angels to Eva Longoria and many others, these WR.UP® pants will steal your heart and it will be difficult to go back to any other pants.

Now the only thing left to do is choose among WR.UP® Freddy’s four different collections:
Faux leather
Limited editions
Basic colours