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10 Bucket list checks to complete this year

Hi everyone, 

How are you all? 
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It's February, its well into the year I want to share with you my 10 achievable bucket list checks I plan to complete this year. 

1. Climb Ben nevis, Tiny cheat as I completed this in January. In super icy and snow conditions. My friends say I don't do thing by halves and I guess this is what they mean. This has been on my bucket list since before I knew what a bucket list was. I climbed every 4,409 ft. 
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2. Do more youtube. This one has been in my head for a few years but I have been nervous as to how it would be received. now that youtube has made monetising harder I feel less pressure so I'm going to give this a shot. 

3. Learn to ski so I'm off to book ski lessons Meribel and get this one finally done. As you know I'm desperate to get this completed. well, its now or never I guess. My husband and friends all ski and I am the only one who can't and I want to go on a fun ski holiday to learn. 

4. Learn to jump my mountain bike. I am no Danny Macaskill by any means but I want to get some air on my bike and learn to drop properly. Last year I plateaued a bit and it dented my confidence so its time to get a bit of coaching and get this smashed. 

5. Get strong. I have thought out my fitness journey wished to be strong. I grew up with strong men around me and I want to be a strong female. I don't mean a bodybuilder just strong. Hopefully, my new fitness regime will do this for me.  

6. Learn something new. I love to learn and I am happy when I study new things. If you look at my CV you will see I have had a lot of different careers from Actress to Police officer. This year is the year of computers for me and I am doing a course on keywords. This stems from being dyslexic and at school being told I wouldn't amount to much. 

7. Travel to Ireland. I am blessed to travel a lot and yet I have never been to Ireland. Growing up in Scotland, Ireland seemed mystical to me. with the Giants' Causeway and Blarney Stone I loved the history and landscape in Ireland. 

8. Read more books. Now, this also stems from my dyslexia. I really like reading but it takes me longer. I tend to read on holidays lying on a sunlounger. We didn't do a big beach holiday last year and I missed my books. I obviously read when I am studying but I mean to read for pleasure. 

9. Learn to swim. I know what you are thinking? You can't swim. Well, when I was about 7. I was a really confident swimmer and In was moved up to the deep end of my swimming club. I loved going to water and swimming or diving. I was mucking about as normal and The instructor thought I was just diving but really I had got in trouble and they had to drag me out of the pool. That was the last day I swam properly. I can doggy paddle and snorkel but I never regained my confidence in deep water. This year I am going to book swimming lessons and get this one checked as it has been far too long. 

10. One week disconnect. I want to do one full week this year where I disconnect from the internet. I know this is hard in my business but I feel consumed by the internet and I want to recharge. I grew up in a world before facebook and twitter. I want to experience things for what they are and not think about the next Instagram or blog I have to write. I think this will remind me of a purer time in my life. so this summer I am having a weeks holiday. Yes, there will still be content but it will be pre-written and pre-scheduled. 

These are super easy checks on my bucket list. You can all see how easy it is to complete some of your own so why not write some of your own?