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finding the perfect gym outfit.

woman in gym outfitwoman in gym outfit

Today lets talk gym gear. I am always in need of new gear. I am I the only one who spend hours looking for the newest and best gym gear. I really feel good gym gear can make or break a workout. Here is what I have just ordered from

sports brawoman in black and white sports bra
First things first. I have a small back and big cup. The recipe for disaster for sports bra shopping. 

Enter glamorise elite performance medium impact sports bra £39. This bra is amazing. It keeps the girls strapped in and supported whilst going loads of activity. This is a medium impact bra and I would recommend it for biking and yoga type activity. I have used it for HIIT but it not quite enough support for me. It was gorgeous. Which if you are looking at bug cup bras is not easy to find. Normally they look like something from the 40's. its super soft and well structured. basically the perfect sports bra. 

This is a very clever touch you get with your Glamorise bra. A bag to wash it in to save damage. Come on bra company caught on to this. It's a simple thing but really makes you realise how much though Glamorise sport has put into this item. 

I got under armour favourite engineered legging £33.50 In the sale. On my goodness, These are so comfy. They are super lux feeling. The stretch really well and let you move freely. I have never really thought about under armour but I am so glad I got these. I love the stripes they are super slimming and honestly, you won't regret buying them. I have put them through there paces with biking, HIIT and gym and they still look like new.

woman in black legging and sports top
I need something to throw on before and after a workout. I picked body star performance full-zip hood £19.80 in the sale. It also completes my outfit. 

I love the star detail on the zip. This also has silver technology helping killing odour.  It keeps you warm when it's cold and cool when it hot. the perfect workout top. 
woman in sports hoodie

 There is nothing better than new gym gear to get you motivated to kick ass in the gym.