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Valentines for the sweet tooth

Hi everyone, 

Happy almost valentines day. 

Here are my top picks for you valentine who like me has a sweet tooth. The way to my heart is sweets. 

OH My GOODNESS, These £8.49 are delicious and I am super in love with the box design. There is a milk chocolate layer, a white chocolate layer and a dark cholate layer filled with different truffles. My personal favourite was the vanilla cream and hubby was smooth caramel. You need to try these. 

Nothing says I love you like these gorgeous sweet filled boxes. £22.99
Each box is filled to the brim with different sweets I loved the cola bottles and the refreshers. theses brought me right back to childhood n the best way possible. I would love to receive this it is just so cute and all the boxes and individual so you could even do a treasure hunt with them. 
This is insane, Its a full Pizza sized Gourmet chocolate pizza £11.99. My husband loved this. He ever sent photos of this to his friends This is not something he does so it must be special. go grab one I was amazed the chocolate is super thick and so tasty. this is the honeycomb one and the honeycomb was amazing. 

For those of us who are following a diet, I have to recommend These are reduced sugar chocolate spreads and they are delicious. I love them on toast as a treat. I am so surprised that they are so sweet with them having 83% sugar removed it just shows you how much extra sugar is in these things. 


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