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Saying goodbye to shaving

Hi everyone, 

How are you all? 

I wanted to take a taboo subject. Hair removal. I am so sick of shaving. I mean come on it is so annoying and razors are expensive. How many cuts do you think the average women get from shaving? I was thinking this morning as I watched the blood pour from my knee. I have had enough. It's time to think about the more permanent solution.  

I did a rough calculation and for one year I spend 

£119.88 on razors
£71.88 on shave cream
£37.14 on hair removal cream
£300 on eyebrows

Total £529.90 WTF!!!

This is crazy. What scares me most is this won't include any impulse buys or aftershave creams etc. 
When I see this figure it is actually shocking me. That's it is time for a more long-term solution. 

Right time to do the research, No more shaving for me.

Oh, my goodness this video by Has sold the treatment to me even more. 

Why I have chosen laser hair removal. 
  1. It's permanent and works from the first treatment. 
  2. I am sick of shaving. 
  3. I hate the dark hairs on my lip and I have two on my chin. 
  4. It's inexpensive compared to buying razors and shaving cream and balms. 
  5. It's a quick procedure & Can be done on a lunch break
  6. I send a lot of time in shorts riding bikes and I hate having to shave my legs. 
  7. No more panic, I always worry I have not shaved my legs. I know but I do. 
  8. Timesaver this will make shower so much quicker. 
What is laser hair removal? 
In a nutshell, it is Laser works by targeting and destroying the hair follicle with laser light. This stopping the hair from regrowing. This does not affect the tissue around the hair. It is a super safe and effective way to not have to worry about hair removal. 

I will be using for my treatments from my research, they are the best in their field and I have every confidence in them to do an awesome job. Plus their prices are amazing! treatment start from £35 and they offer payment plans and if you book blocks of 6 you get 55% off or 8 You get 60% off. As you have seen the shocking amount I spend on shaving products this will save me money in the scheme of things. So It really is worth doing. 

So who is coming with me? 

Contact details
Liverpool street clinic
150-152Fenchurch street 
Tel 0207 593 8055