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Wait what? healthy wine? Slimwine

Hi everyone, 
How are you all? 

I want to introduce you to my new favourite wine. Slimwine. Where do I start? Ok, how about its only 50 calories a glass. 50 calorie wine. It's like someone somewhere heard my prayer and sent this to me. I am not a huge drinking but I do like a glass of fizz with my girls and this ticks all the boxes. 
It's sugar and carb free! the red is a full body red. I am not a red wine fan but I cheekily gave it to my husband and he loved it and when I told him about the magic in it, he was amazed. it smells divine. Red is £8.99 

My favourite the Super sparkling white £10.99. This is super dry and delicious. I love a dry sparkling wine and this one has no guilt at all. It heaven. Only 373 calories per bottle. that's less than most chocolate bars. I know these will make an amazing gift for friends and family too. I will defo be putting in another order for research I will need to try the white and rose sparkling right? 

What they say
We’ve all been there – after a few glasses of wine we can feel a little regretful the next morning after realising the amount of diet-damaging sugar and carbs we’ve consumed.

But, those guilt ridden evenings will be a thing of the past as SlimLine Wine has created a completely zero sugar zero carbs wine range without any compromises on taste or strength. Launching on December 14th, available in Super Sparkling White & Pink, Really Red and Crisp White, the range is made with the finest grapes from the finest wine makers so that you can experience all the flavour and strength that a high-quality premium wine should have, but without the nasties.

As if created by magical vineyard elves, this festive season you can surprise and delight friends and family by cracking open a bottle of delicious SlimLine Wine Super Sparkling. At an impressive 10.5% ABV and with all the flavour (and more) of regular sparkling, you and your guests can spend more time savouring the taste and less time concerned about the carbs.


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