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Why is plastic surgery taboo?

Hi everyone, 

How are you all? 

I want to talk about a taboo subject. I want to talk about plastic surgery. 
Lately, in the press, I feel like there is a lot of criticism about wanting plastic surgery. 

why is this? In this day and age why is not up to the individual to choose for themselves? 

I will tell you for many years I have thought about plastic surgery and I am a supporter of the industry. It is my body and if I decide I want to change something why can't I?

If you haven't followed me for a while. Let me fill you in on my personal reasons. I was once a UK size 22-24. I was seven and a half stone heavier. I now fluctuate with my weight. My confidence takes knocks. I was more confident in my own skin when I was bigger.  I was very lucky in that I lost the weight I was young enough to not be left with excess skin or too much cellulite.
I have however been left with breast I hate. It is such a taboo to talk about your breasts. Why I don't understand this but it is. As a woman, we are meant to embrace our flaws and I try but I really dislike what I have been left with. deflated breasts. I am a 30g or 28gg. they look like two tennis ball in a pair of socks.  These don't suit me and get in the way when I exercise. No amount of chest presses will sort this area there is only one real option for me. Surgery. 

I have spent hours researching the best plastic surgery in the world and it is in Canada. So plastic surgery Toronto it is then. What do I want? I am conflicted between a breast lift and a reduction. 

Whats the difference?
A breast lift is where the surgeon. Lifts the sagging breast and removes excess skin. then repositions the nipple.  A reduction is to reduce and reshape the breast. both are done as an outpatient surgery and recovery will be about 6 weeks. I think to be honest I would find out at the consultation what would be the best option for me. 

If I decide to go ahead with my surgery I will take you all along with me and vlog the experience. 
I feel strongly that this is my life and my body and If I decide to do this it is for me and not for anyone else. I want to look in the mirror and be happy with what I see in front of me not ashamed. 

Would you consider plastic surgery?