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How to Maximize Your Winter Workouts

Hi everyone,

How are you all?

I get asked this a lot. How do you maximize your winter work out?  I thought I would answer this today.

This is going to come as no surprise but diet is a huge factor. Imagine your body as a machine. If you put the right fuel in the machine it will last longer, perform better and live longer. Its simple isn't it? Well, life gets in the way sometimes I get it. But when you are training you need fuel. Your body needs carbs and good fats to function. think back to the machine. Put in cheap fuel it will work but will break down quicker. Put in good fuel and boom energy and efficiency for longer. happy machine.

I take Supplements. I have found getting the right supplements really helps me train harder and get more out of my training. I think everyone in the modern world should be taking supplements. My journey started when I found out I was iron deficient.  I had the lowest level of iron in my system my doctor had ever seen and was quite ill because of it. I really put the effort in to find out what works for me and what doesn't work.

Here is what I take

Green tea- This curbs my appetite and helps burn fat. I find this really works for me.

Glucomannan- This is to help aid weight loss and weight management.

Vitamins B6 & B12- Allows the body to use and store energy from proteins and carbohydrates in food. Helps form haemoglobin this is the substance in red blood cells which carried oxygen around the body. B12 helps keep the nervous system healthy.

Vitamin A & D -To help keep my body able to fight any illness and also helps with eyesight.

Vitamin D-  For healthy muscle teeth and bones.

Copper- Produces red and white blood cells and triggers the release of iron to form haemoglobin.

Iodine - Helps make thyroid hormones. This helps to speed up and strengthen my metabolic rate.

Your body is made of water. Without water, your body cannot and will not function. You have to keep hydrated. I know a lot of people say I just don't have time to drink enough water. I have to say this is the worst excuse I have heard. You don't have time to drink to help your body function?. Take a water bottle with you it will encourage you to drink and this, in turn, will fuel those workouts. Dehydration is the number one cause of headaches and blurring vision. No one wants that.

Work out planning
This is key. I like to have a plan in place so I know what I am doing. I like to have a lot of variety in my workouts. I like to know that throughout the week I will have HIIT, Biking and Core work. I leave my workout timetable flexible. I never say on Monday you must, as I find this really demotivation me.  I like to choose what I am in the mood to do. Something I don't want to kick my ass at boxing, I want quietness, so Yoga it is. Plus its winter getting out on my bike is hard in 5 inches of snow so Variety really is the spice of life as they say.

I hope this helps you with your winter workouts.