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Valentines small gifts or hamper ideas

On Valentines, I like to make a little hamper for my husband and I wanted to help you make your own for your loved ones. So here are my top picks for those little gifts. 

Santa brought me a Nespresso machine and coffee is the way to my heart so I had to share a fantastic coffee range with is Napresso compatible and a lot cheaper than the official Napresso pods and they taste better I think. 

This hair brush is gorgeous, The heart details. I don't know if it just me but this is not something I ever think about replacing and this one is amazing. I love that you can even pick which type of bristles you want on your brush and they are super soft and get through my hair with ease. 
for more info. £30

I love makeup and this collection by is too stunning. How does sleek make this quality for such a low price? I have high end make up that doesn't give this amount of payoff.  The i-devine palette is £8.99. Lippy is only £4.99 and eyeliner is £4.99. 
I love a subtle colour on my nails and this polish called  In love is awesome. £14.95 It has no nasty chemicals in it and last ages on your nails so perfect for a romantic dinner. 

You know I love makeup brushed so had to include two of my favourite sets this Look good feel better set from M&S £35. These brushes are super soft and antibacterial. They are suitable for sensitive skin and cruelty-free. Plus 10% goes straight to a fantastic charity. 

This so eco eye set is only £10.85 This company really cares about the planet and all brushes are made using vegetable inks. They are brilliant for creating the perfect cat eye look and everyone should have them in their makeup set. 
well, it is national kissing day after all so we will need nice lips and there is only one way to get kissable lips Carmex just in case you get a cold sore I recommend this it's by far my favourite for getting rid of nasty cold sores. hubner silicea cold sore lip gel

This is more preparation but I love a good tan and I had to include this I love having a good glow and I find this is the cheapest and best tan. 

 Tweezerman Nose Hair Trimmer£18 available at Feel Unique and John Lewis. This is the best nose hair trimmer on the market and I know my hubby loves it,
Bean Body Man Scrub, £14.95 available at Holland & Barrett Being a biker my husband gets very mucky and this sorts him right out so he always loves a new one. 
gillette fusion razor My hubby only uses Gillette making this a perfect extra for him. 
how pretty is this bottle of gold aftershave. Its super inexpensive and super lux looking. 

Why not cook up a fiery storm in the kitchen with this Encona Carolina reaper chilli sauce? tesco
My husband loves this sauce and I know he will be putting it on our next batch of wraps. 

My friends baby is at that nibbling stage. Who said you can't treat your friends on valentines it's the day of love right. She will love this nibble necklace from £28.00 This is great for mum's as it looks good and it is completely safe for baby to chew on. 

scunci My friends wear these every day and I had to get her a new one. So this would be a thoughtful gift to add to a hamper. Moosehead this shaping dough smells like heaven. perfect for a man who likes to style his hair.