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Excuse Me But Your Age Is Showing

In old German folktales, there’s a saying that you can’t trust old women. In fact, if the devil can’t come himself, he is expected to send an old woman to finish the job. Numerous tales highlight the moment where the hero falls out of luck by getting him to meet an old woman early in the morning. There’s even a tale that displays the sinister nature of old women more in details. An old woman was promised a pair of shoes by the devil if she could bring discord to a happily married couple. So she encouraged the wife to shave some of her husband’s beard while he slept, and convinced the husband that his wife was plotting to cut his throat. Needless the say, the tale doesn’t have a happy ending. But more importantly, these old folk stories reveal a lot about how society perceives age. Getting old and looking old is met with distrust. Admittedly while it can be difficult to change the social perception about age, there are still a few things you can do to make sure that yours doesn't show too much!

You don’t remember when was the last time you tried something new
Being young is the best time to make new experiences and embark on new adventures, or at least that is what most people believe. It is unclear whether people are worried that they’re getting too old to try something new, or whether they’re embarrassed that they didn’t get to try it earlier. But it doesn’t change the fact that you shouldn’t stop yourself from experiencing new sensations and learning new skills just because you’re not a flamboyant teen anymore. If you’ve never been to a winter resort before, for instance, it’s not too late to take on skiing. Learning a new skill is good for you, regardless of your age. So whether it’s skiing, sewing or even learning a new language, don’t let your age be an obstacle. It’s just a number that has no bearing on your abilities.

Your idea of fun is non-existent
When was the last time you remember having fun? Contrary to the common misconception, getting old doesn’t stop fun in your life. But ultimately thinking that fun is gone is what truly makes you look and feel old. Before you put you your tight dress from the 90s and book a cab to the next club, the definition of fun doesn’t have to include anything related to alcohol or loud music. You can spend a lovely evening with your friends, enjoy a walk in the wood, or maybe plan your next ski holiday – didn’t you decide to learn?

You hate all those nasty age lines
With age, your skin loses its elasticity and firmness. As a result, you start to notice small lines around your eyes and your mouth. Knowing more about your smile lines: what causes them and how to treat them can make a great deal of difference in prevention further to appear, or in helping to repair your skin. As surprising as you might think, age is not the only reason for those pesky lines. In fact, prolonged exposure to UV light and lack of sleep can draw similar lines on your face. Additionally, if you don’t drink enough water, you can increase the risk of cracked and wrinkled skin around the delicate areas of your face – namely, the eyes, the neck and the mouth. In other words, a few wrinkles are no synonymous with old age. Unhealthy lifestyle and lack of personal care can also be responsible for altering the smoothness of your facial features.
Your body hurts
So, you’re getting out of bed and clasping your back, blaming the pain on old age again this morning. You need to stop. Old age has just nothing to do with your body aching. Ultimately, as your body stops growing around 21, it also decreases its ability to renew and repair itself fast. However, it doesn’t mean that the body doesn’t heal itself. It does, assuming that you take care of it. There is no magic involved: if you look after your body, it’s likely that you won’t experience lasting aches and pains. There is always a reason for your pain, whether it is a poor quality mattress or simply the decision to overindulge in ice cream treats. In other words, nothing can emphasise enough the importance of a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet and plenty of exercises can go a long way. Complaining about pain is only a sign that you’ve neglected your body.

You resent younger generations
The Millennials have been the main topic of all recruiting and business discussions for the past few years. For some professionals, it’s a generation full of ideals and ambition, who is bringing a new way of thinking to the workplace. For others, Millennials are spoilt kids whose ambitious dreams are let down by a lack of desire to get their hands dirty. But in reality, what people hate about Millennials is the fact that they are the newest workforce population. They are younger, and at the same time, they don’t seem to show their elders the respect they expect. In fact, each generation has had to deal with a lot of negative comments, which is natural of a cross-generational clash. After all, what defines a new generation is the ability to perceive the world differently. Consequently, it’s not a matter of things being different when you were younger. Things were different. It’s a matter of keeping an open mind to new perceptions. What harm could a younger vision of the world do?

You’re desperate to look young
The main problem about fashion is that it doesn’t matter if it fits your body. If your outfit isn’t appropriate for your age, it’s likely that it will not do you any justice. What a lot of people don’t realise is that wearing clothes that are too young for you highlights the generational gap. Ultimately, the latest ASOS trends might be cute, but it just makes you look older. If you try too hard to hold on to the past, you’ll end up looking like you belong in the past. So it’s time to ignore the trendy teen shops and move towards something a little more mature. You don’t need to look for granny’s trends either. There’s a healthy middle way.

You can’t see past the number
Growing old is a fatality. If you want to live long, you’ll be old and grey one day. But that doesn’t mean that you should worry about your age. For a lot of people, old age starts when you start planning for your retirement. But you need to see past the number. Whether you’re getting close to 50, 60 or even 70, you don’t need to carry your age on your face. You might be afraid of getting frail as you age, but you can maintain your health and wit for much longer than you think. In fact, there’s no reason why pensioners wouldn’t be as quick-witted and knowledgeable as younger people.

Your favourite artists are dead
If you can’t name any modern pop singer or actor, it’s time to detach yourself from the past and to dive into the present. Nobody is saying that David Bowie or the first Star Wars trilogy weren’t cool. But if you want to sound less like a grumpy old soul, you need to learn to appreciate modern artists too.

In conclusion, if you don’t want to turn into the old woman from the German folktales, it’s time to look after yourself. Is your fashion sense, face, or even health complaint showing your age? It’s not too late to smooth the contours out and let your age remain a secret.