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To Look Better, Know Yourself Better

It might seem like a constant challenge to try and look your best. Indeed it might be. But there are many things you can do to improve the way you approach this, and it is often easier than you might think to look your best. One aspect of this which is commonly overlooked, and yet which might just be the best way to approach the whole topic, is to get to know yourself as well as you can. The way that this affects how you look is quite clear. The better you know yourself - your own styles, your types, and so on - the more likely it is that you will be able to make the best possible decisions for your appearance. You will be armed with the most essential knowledge - the knowledge of who you really are.

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Your Style

What is it that makes a person’s style? Before you rush to answer, let me suggest that it might not be quite as clear-cut as we generally tend to assume. In fact, style can be seen more as a reflection of the true self, and if seen in this way we can appreciate why it is that we feel strange in others’ clothing, such as when you need to borrow a dress for the night. You have a particular personality, and it is not much you can do about that at the basic level. This informs what your style in fashion is, and that makes a difference to the kind of things you wear and how you wear them. So how can you go about figuring out your own style and your own personality as accurately as possible?

If you struggle to know your personality as an individual, it might be a sign that you have not spent enough time alone. This is easily remedied - just spend more time alone. With solitude, it becomes clearer who we really are, and that informs our decisions about fashion and so on automatically. You don’t even need to do anything after you have gained an understanding of yourself. You just need to let it happen, the changes will come, and you can basically just sit back and watch it all unfold. But if you want to speed this up, it might be worth playing around with different styles in the mirror. You alone know what’s right and what’s not. All you have to listen to is your intuition. With that, you can get to a better understanding of who you really are, and what looks really work for you.

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Your Wardrobe

Chances are, you want to have a good variety in your wardrobe at any one time. But if you have too much to choose between, it can mean that you are trapping yourself and that it can actually be a lot harder to decide what to wear on any particular occasion. Take a look at your wardrobe; how much does it reflect you, and how much does it reflect someone you used to be? Too often, it is a reflection of the past - the teenager in you, perhaps - and not a reflection of the present. If this seems to be the case for your wardrobe, do what you can to update it, by paying attention to who you are now and what works for you now. You need to have an updated wardrobe if you are to be able to look your best, and for that, you need to know yourself as you currently are, not who you used to be. This is hard to keep up, but in time you will be able to get there.

Your Skin Type

Knowing yourself also means that you know the finer details as well, especially as they relate to your beauty regime. One perfect example of the kind of micro thing you should know is your skin type. Depending on what kind of skin you have, you might have many different possible ways of approaching your skincare, and this really makes a huge difference to how you feel. So make sure that you know what kind of skin you have as intimately as possible, as it really makes a difference.

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Fortunately, it is simple to discover your skin type. If you tend to have a lot of oily residues all over your body - not just your face - then you probably have oily skin. You will likewise know if you have dry skin because it might crack and you might find yourself using a lot of moisturizers or drinking a lot of water throughout the day. If you don’t have any problems one way or the other, you - like most people - have an in-between combination skin type. Each of these types requires specific products and care, and it’s helpful to know what they are. There is the perfect cleanser for oily skin types, for example, and the perfect cleanser for dry skin. You should make sure that you are giving your skin exactly what it needs so that you are more likely to look your best at all times.

Your Body Shape

Something that a lot of people struggle with is understanding what body shape they have. This might b due to a genuine dysmorphia, or it could just be that it is hard to really grasp one’s own body type. However, having this knowledge will mean that you have a much easier time finding clothes that both fit and suit you, and also help you to feel confident when you want to, sexy when you want to, and so on. If you are unsure of your body shape type, you can even ask a professional designer to help you. You might be surprised by the answer, but having the answer is better than not having it. The more that you know yourself in this way, the more a chance you will have of looking your absolute best at all time, so it is best to go out of your way and discover this, rather than leaving it alone.