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Your engagement ring should be as unique as you are

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Alternative Engagement Rings from Bejouled
Choosing an Engagement Ring is a big decision, not only is it a sign of your love and forthcoming marriage but you’re hopefully going to be wearing it on your left hand for the next 60 years or so!

At Bejouled we love creating jewels that’s are unique and just a little bit different! Being Scotland’s premier destination for bespoke Engagement and Wedding rings, with our flagship boutique situated in Glasgow’s iconic Shawlands area, we can design and create the Engagement Ring of your dreams. Whether this be a classic solitaire or a ring with an intricate design, Bejouled is the place to go.
We have had loads more enquiries in recent months from Customers rejecting the classic Diamond Ring in favour of alternative stones and more personalized designs. That’s not to say Diamonds are out, of course not! But more people are looking to mix things up and chose a design that will stand out. So, we thought we could show you some of the different options out there if you’re looking for an Alternative Engagement Ring.

Rose Gold
Rose gold is becoming increasingly more popular, with many now choosing it for their engagement and wedding rings as a result of its vintage and antique feel. It is created by mixing yellow gold with copper, the more copper included the more intense the colour. It is also more durable than both yellow and white gold and doesn’t require rhodium plating. Coming back into style, this gorgeous metal conveys love and romance while complementing every skin tone. 

Coloured Gemstones have re-emerged and become a popular choice for Bride’s to Be looking for a stunning alternative engagement ring. Though they have always been a popular choice with royalty, with the most notable being Kate Middleton’s stunning Sapphire Cluster, many couples are looking to gemstones to create a ring that is a little more individualized. When it comes to these gorgeous coloured stones, there are more options than many couples realise. For instance, you have Sapphire, Rubies, Moganite, Emeralds, Amethyst and Citrine, all of which have the most stunning and distinct colouring!

Black Diamonds
Black Diamonds are perfect for someone wanting a completely unique and stand out ring. Natural Black diamonds are entirely opaque and are incredibly precious as a result of their distinct colour. These stones however, are more affordable than most other diamonds which make them a great alternative.
Rough Diamonds
Rough Diamonds are known for their pure and untouched state. While they don’t involve the typical ‘4 C’s’ indicators, these gorgeous and naturally occurring stones are truly one of a kind. These diamonds appear exactly as they are when they were mined, looking more mineral like, with a raw and unstructured shape. They are usually set in a ring that fits their shape rather than moulding them into a specific setting. Another plus side to these stunning stones other than their natural beauty and texture is that they are considerably cheaper than traditional polished Diamonds.

Mixed Metals

Mixed Metal refers to Engagement Rings that are composed of two separate metals joined together. Instead of being a mixture of two or more metals, like Rose Gold, bimetallic jewellery consist of layers of different metals. Thus, you have a gorgeous and unique style that is sure to stand out.

An Opal is one of the most unique and colourful Gemstones. It consists of iridescent color flashes that change with the angle at which the stone is viewed. This phenomenon is often called opalescence and the intensity and distribution of the color flashes is a determining factor in the value of an Opal.
The style possibilities are endless, so if you are looking to get a ring made for yourself or your partner, get in touch with Bejouled and let us design your dream ring!


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