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Help Yourself Heal Faster

womans back with doctor checking it

When wild animals are in pain or suffering from an injury, they hide away and rest until they’ve healed. In the modern world, we humans rarely get the opportunity to do the same, what with all of the commitments we have, which means that we need to find our own strategies for healing as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Luckily, there are lots of things the average person can do to heal after an injury. They might not be much use for helping with the kind of very serious injuries that you might need help with Personal injury claims for, but for those minor, to moderate injuries and illnesses, they can be a lifesaver. So, without further ado, here are a few things that could knock some serious time off your recovery:

Okay, so you’re probably rolling your eyes right now, especially if you’re one of the many people who has used those hypnotherapy apps and recordings to try and lose weight, but real hypnotherapy carried out in person by a qualified professional has been found to speed up the healing of major surgeries, serious injuries and even broken bones. If you’re sceptical about this claim, may I point out that the research was carried out by Harvard! It doesn’t get much better than that.

Not only is having a massage from a professional masseuse one of the greatest little pleasures in life, but it can also actually help you to heal faster from various injuries such as pulled muscles and strained tendons, as well as back pains and swollen muscles. If you can get to a masseuse within three hours after your injury, you will get the most benefit, but anytime you can rack up on the massage table will help you get back to being fighting fit within less time than if you didn’t have any massages at all.

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Use Honey
Whether you’ve been burned, cut or wounded, as long as it isn’t anything that needs serious medical attention, you can use honey to keep it clean and stop it from getting reinfected. In fact, researchers have found that when Manuka honey is applied to a burn, it will heal four days faster than the average! It really does work, and as long as your doctor has no objections, it should be perfectly safe for you to use it.

When you meditate, you allow yourself to fully relax (or at least you should) and it has been proven that there is a very real effect known as the relaxation response that not only clears your head of your worries but which can also lower your blood pressure and the amount of nitric oxide that is in your body. If you meditate daily after an injury, illness or surgery, you could recover weeks sooner, especially if there is any stress involved in your illness.

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As well as meditation, yoga has been found to, not only keep you fit but improve the circulation in the body and reduce the amount of stress that practitioners feel. So, if you’re able to get up and about, taking in a yoga class or two is sure to help. It’s especially good for speeding up lower-back pain recovery.

Remember, you should always check with your doctor before doing any of these things if you have recently been injured, sick or in surgery!