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Why we are choosing fake grass.

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How are you today? 

raining photo of garden

It might be cold outside today but the sun is shining. Which has me thinking about summer. As you know we live in the highlands of Scotland and the weather here is particularly harsh. 

I want to talk today about our garden. This is a strange topic but, Let me explain. On a nice day, I like to workout outside. This is probably no shock to you, as I love to mountain bike. I also love to do a workout or yoga on the grass. Here lies my problem. Our grass is patchy and horrid. Even in the height of summer.  We have dogs and one loves to dig holes, this does not help the poor grass situation. plus dog mess and muddy paws. Is there anything worse than muddy paw prints all over your cream carpet. Why did we choose cream carpets? 

My husband has decided we need Fake Grass. Whenever we go to Ikea he always admires the grass outside the door. Last year we tried everything to try to help the grass but it is more of a muddy bog than a garden. We have such variation in temperatures up here it can be sunny and warm to -10 in the same week. No wonder the grass doesn't know if it is coming or going. 

reasons we want artificial grass
  1. The garden will be aesthetically appealing again. 
  2. Minimal upkeep. Goodbye mower. 
  3. Easy to keep clean. (pet owner problems)
  4. I can workout outside. 
  5. Looks natural and not fake.
  6. No more muddy paw prints on cream carpets. which means less carpet washing. 
  7. UV protection, the grass will not fade in colour. 
  8. Loads of choices in colour styles and qualities. 
I was a bit more hesitant before my husband explained it to me. I was worried it would look like a bad football pitch but here has been so much advancement in the industry. You really can't tell the difference. Except we will have the nicest garden in the village. I was also worried it would be uncomfortable to train on. but this is not the case it. It is similar to the real thing. 

It will last 8 years. We won't have to think about that for quite a while. I was worried about the installation but it looks super easy. If my husband can convert a van himself he can for sure do the lawn. 

My husband has also recommended this to his mum and dad. They live in Devon and the summer the grass can get super dehydrated in there warm weather and there can be hosepipe bans in Devon.  This would be the perfect solutions for them too. 

I know it may seem like an expensive way to grass our garden but to be honest it will cost us a lot less in the long run. Less washing the carpet or changing carpets. No need for buying mowers all the time. I really think this is the best option for our family. 

Have you got artificial grass in your garden?