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10 reasons we should all learn to ski?

Hi everyone

How are you all a today? 

Today as I sit at my desk, I am looking out on a beautiful snowy day. Which is crazy as yesterday it was warm. Come on UK what is going on. Either one or the other. 

Let's chat skiing, 
My husband has been on at me lately to learn to ski "properly. My husband has been in love with skiing since school ski trip Austria. I know lucky him. My school trips Ski was to Aviemore Scotland. 

I have been skiing as a child a few times in Aviemore.  I tried again a couple of years ago to learn in Fort William but the snow just wasn't there. I learnt the hard way what graupel is.  It is very painful to fall repeatedly on. I can tell you that. I was quite torn up by it. Basically, it was like skiing on nice fluffy snow with lumps of evil ice hidden on top of it. So as soon as I thought I was getting somewhere I would hit one big patch of graupel and boom face first in the snow. That makes it sound like I had a rubbish time. I have to say out of all the times I have tried skiing this was the only one where I left feeling deflated and to be completely honest it spurred me on to learn. I tend to be one of those people who doesn't let things beat them. Just like my ups and downs with mountain biking. I'm no quitter. 

Here are 10 reasons we should all learn to ski?
1. Skiing is a great workout. Not only will you break a sweat but you will use muscle you didn't know existed.  Check out this article in thetimes.co.uk
2. Unlike other cardio workouts, this hits all the major muscle groups in the one activity. 
3. Skiing is said to help clear your mind. Great for overthinkers like me. 
4. Helps you with balance. Who needs hot Yoga then. 
5. Travel. The ski season in Britain is hit or miss. So there one thing for it, we must travel. This could sell it to me straight away. I can imagine Austria mountain calling me. get over to Ski Armadillo
6. The awesome ski wear. Come on! who doesn't want a ski suit? I will get the loudest pink suit possible. 
7. Meet new people. As you get older you realise that friends come and go. Your interests change and we don't all keep the friends we once had. Learning a new skill is awesome for meeting new like-minded people and forming bonds. 
8. Snow, proper Snow. Deep crisp white fluffy snow. I love snow can you tell. 
9. to feel like a child again. We can all feel caught up in the grind when was the last time you felt excited and carefree that is what skiing makes me feel. 
10. Vitamin D,  Sking in the sun is a great way to increase your vitamin D levels. I don't need to tell you the importance of vitamin D. 


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